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The human resource management systems represent an evolving market segment that starting from Human Resource Administration goes towards solutions enhancing human capital: valorizing company expertise assets, obtaining a constantly updated competence map, organizing training plans that take account of worker's training gaps, optimizing human resources allocation cycle in order to reduce corporate costs due to unproductiveness, improving collaboration and cohesion among colleagues.
Our HRM line solutions foster innovative processes for the valorization of intangible assets of modern companies, such as ideas, skills, creativity, peer collaboration. In particular, MOMA HR & P Suites, through a flexible and modular architecture, allows to synergistically integrate aspects of human resource management with the optimization of business project activities. The use of semantics applied to the competence management process of individual workers in relation to business activities, promotes advanced and unique processes in the market of talent management solutions.




i-Recruitment is our solution for the optimal management of human resource selection process and automatic updating of corporate skill databases.
Area of application of i-Recruitment is for example a business context, either public or private, where staff recruitment and allocation are crucial for the corporate activity. A centralized system able to select and optimally allocate resources, reducing costs and substantially lowering the risk of business unproductiveness.



Workflow & Project

Workflow & Project (WP) is an application for the management of collaborative work and the governance of business projects. Contexts of use can be R&D projects where the support of a single dashboard for managing and monitoring work groups and tasks is especially useful for an efficient governance of the process. This solution has been implemented by Aristotele project under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.


Club ICT

Club ICT is a specialized portal whose scope is to improve the matching between labour supply and demand in the ICT sector.
Job seekers or individuals aiming at promoting themselves can register on the portal by entering their details or uploading their CV. The uploaded CV is automatically analyzed highlighting salient features of the profile in terms of skills and personality traits. The candidate is allowed to enhance his profile anytime. The company can start advanced searches among candidates registered on the portal for specific goals and projects.



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